A C T U A L I T Y – T R U M P : I died it My M A Y .. Here comes T H E S U N

The l i a r – Kills to naait! The Trump and Circumstances of a Killer in the Desert I call you you’re and my name.. The Shame and Nameming of yesterday Evening at Blenheim Church Chill or the Church Kill and Over-Kill of the Tuxedo do’s. And the name-blaming of the Ladies Host !
Its amazing –May-zinge of Amazing Grace.. This man who should be Ousted and not the Exiling seekers Running for there lives.And the most stunning Press Conference of a Dictator who’s Lying all the way From N A T O to Rasputin! And the France People know exactly what ‘P U T I N’ in France means!
French–rewrenge will never be friends! According to C N N all the Bla Bla Statistics a round the 2 Percent etc. where deadly G D Pee Pee Wrong ! Deadly wrong !!
So my Fellow Dramaricans.. Ask not what you can do for you’re Country, ask you’re self how you can get rid of a Mentally Iritating Domestic lunatick ! The Bom and the Time : The Times are really at Changing! The Time- Bomb is ticking a way ! According to the Mental Health issue by the European Standar This President would never have been qualified to serven in the Army! He would be failed The S 5 – Test! ! Mentally not Fit to be a President ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !And The Bucks Stops here !!!!!!!

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