A C T U A L I T Y – 6 November Élection – Day Postponing .. No New President According to Astrologyzone.com Horoscope!!

Ja ja, grote kans dat O B A M A het niet redt vlgs de Astrologie vanwege de Communicatie Problemen en S A N D Y … Uitsellen – Delays, Ballot Machines, etc.. Kortom Bush lees Romney komt terug!!

Oe La La Election Day.. en Evening Same as in 2 0 0 0 No New President!!

The timing of the retrograde of Mercury concerns me for the presidential election. It will begin to turn on the evening of November 6, which is election day. Mercury is always most difficult and wild during the front and end “bookend” dates of the retrograde, so that means November 6 and 26. I fear we will have lots of mix-ups, delays, legal calls for recounts, and broken voting machines. (Mercury is legendary for mechanical failure.)

I am additionally concerned by the square of Mercury to Neptune at exactly 90 degrees, considered a very harsh aspect, which will further compound the confusion inherent in Mercury retrograde alone. This will truly add much more complication to an already bad picture for an easy election. Perhaps some states will delay the election, which would be wise, for it would be a good way to use up the negative energy swirling about at the time. I feel that looking at the aspects, we will not know the winner by the time we go to sleep, or when we wake up for that matter. Some states have allowed early voting, so that might be a mitigating factor, so we will see, but I am not convinced it would make enough of a difference.

We have precedence for Mercury retrograde in an earlier presidential election, that of Bush-Gore in 2000. Back then, instead of Mercury going retrograde the evening of the election, as it will this year, Mercury was ending its long three-week retrograde phase and turning direct that evening. You might think, well, Mercury was normalizing, why did it cause hanging chads, missing ballots, and all the confusion in Florida that year? Whether Mercury is going direct or retrograde, the days near the date it turns direct is a wild time. It took the Supreme Court to decide who won that election, for the margin was so thin, as it will be this time. No matter which candidate you favor, vote! Your voice will be heard.

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